The place for you to get your eat on. 

Welcome to the Down and Dirty Kitchen

Hey.  Yeah, you.

Welcome to the Down and Dirty Kitchen website! This is our initial site/blog post that corresponds to our podcast "Down and Dirty Kitchen".  For the time being, our posts will include recipes of dishes we have discussed on our podcast.  Basically, anything we discuss that we are making, we will post the recipe on this blog (cause no one wants to hear us try to explain how to cook that shit out loud, right?)



Other than that, consider this blog to be free of tidbits from our daily lives or other narcissistic indulgences.  We talk about food and we shut the fuck up.  Word. 

Oh yeah, and down the line we'll make some movies of us making food and having fun with some so-so interesting people.  (kidding, they will be the best guests ever interviewed anywhere ever)

Until then, enjoy!